HP2 - Bashplate developt by Simo Kirssi and SWT Sport

 e107    14 Nov : 03:08

Hi there ....

Hi there ....

I thought it would be good to let the HP riders know there is a Bashplate available fairly better than most other products on the market.

I got the Bashplate on both of my HP's and have been tested in Finland together with some other HP2 fellows including the former BMW Team Offroad Race driver - Simo Kirssi Godfather of the HP2 Enduro.

From my point of view is the cost is fairly reasonable with EUR 250,00 compare to the engine repair which is approx. EUR 2.800.- to 3.250.-

Unfortunately my bike was the main driver why Simo and SWT Sport ( Manuel Schad) started to develop this Bashplate after my engine was crashed in the Enduro Boxer Training 2013 ...

Best regards and safe ride



The link below takes you to SWT Sport's

The link below takes you to SWT Sport's


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