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I had a little accident on the 12th of September 2009 in Germany, just across the Dutch border, which resulted in some HP2 damage.

I had a little accident on the 12th of September 2009 in Germany, just across the Dutch border, which resulted in some HP2 damage. But more importantly some serious inconvenient damage to my left wrist.

I broke it in 4 places, was hospitalized in Rheine and a titanium plate was inserted only 4 hours after the event.

The following photo's further on in the article will show you how a broken wrist heals over time!

Update November 30: I've started climbing again and guess what?On my second day (yesterday) I already did a 6a. For those of you that don't know what a 6a is: try it smile

Update December 26 2009: Getting there!

sep 13
I took this picture in my hospital room, the morning after the event.

sep 20
This one was taken just before I had my stitches removed. I didn't expect that to be so painful!

sep 22
And 2 days later the wound is starting to flatten nicely

oct 8
Now moving forward 16 days the scar looks pretty good but hurts in the morning and definitely when I try to move my wrist up. Which I can't, it is completely locked upwards. Moving it downwards starts to work again just like left and right. When I went to the hospital last week for my first check I was told it can take up to a year to be fully functional again.

I'm going for 3 months max and I have the first month almost covered!

oct 12
No pics today, I just wan to say that I have managed to  move my wrist up with about 3mm's over the weekend. No big achievement you might say but I'm quite happy with this little feat!

I fact I am so thrilled that I made an appointment with a physio therapist coming Wednesday and repeat that twice a week for the next couple of weeks or however long this will take. Anything to be fit again asap!

oct 14
I went to the physio this morning and he sees opportunities to get my wrist back into shape and 80 to 90% functional again. Obviously I wasn't happy with that so we're now aiming for the full 100! But anything in the 90% range would be pretty good already!

Wrist moving down is going quite good, this will be 100% sometime in the future.

Wrist going up not looking too good now, there's only 2 to 3 mm's ove movement now. But this should improve as joints, muscles and nerves start to work (together) again. Will take months frown

And the scar is getting better, it doesn't hurt anymore like before, the stinging pains are almost gone. Good!

oct 21
Time for an update.
Went to the physio 3 times now and after lots of bending, pushing and pain my wrist is definitely getting looser. Only problem is it won't go up! Well a tiny bit that only I notice. Everybody else thinks it's fucked up but I know better, it's gonna be OK again smile

oct 26
Another photo update!
As you can see I'm making progress. Moving my hand downwards is progressing very well, also sidewards is going better then expected.

What's not so hot is upwards. We calculated that each time I have physio I will get it up by three degrees but will fall back 2 degrees. As I have about 80 degrees to go it will take at least 20 weeks before I'm done. At least, it could also take 40! OK, I'll settle for 20 smile

oct 30
Took the Duc today, first ride in 7 weeks and I did a good 270 kms in the afternoon, picking up a 80GB Intel SSD X-25M Postville smile
That wasn't a bad ride, not bad at all! Actually I'll do some more tomorrow!

oct 31
Today I picked up my HP2, had a great ride on a nice and sunny day.
No pain but off-roading will have to wait a little longer...
dec 26
Thought I'd give another update since I have more movement upwards now. Far from being there but defenitely moving in the right direction! Climbing goes fairly well although I'm not stretching it, 5c/6a is good enough for now. And riding the Animal has been fun but I'm giving it a bit of rest, see if that helps recovedre since my wrist is still a bit thick! Here's the (blurry) evidence:

  • LAN_THEME_5 northernryder LAN_THEME_6 26 Nov : 04:51
    The Wrist
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    looking at the bright side....if it happened here in canada you would have been lucky just to see a doctor in 4 hours.......
    i fly planes for a living only because nobody pays me to ride bikes!!

  • LAN_THEME_5 RoLoo LAN_THEME_6 19 Nov : 20:34
    The Wrist
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    ...and because it's titanium ; it almost doesn't add weight... wink
    Have a nice day !
  • LAN_THEME_5 blackSP LAN_THEME_6 23 Oct : 13:54
    The Wrist
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    The plate is titanium and can stay in unless it starts to bother me. I opt for keeping it cause it increases my value plus I don't want another 3 month recovery...
    2014 KTM 450 EXC - 2013 Harley-Davidson XL 1200 C

    b l a c k S P e c i a l s
  • LAN_THEME_5 Tak LAN_THEME_6 18 Oct : 21:30
    The Wrist
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    Does the plate stay in or are they going to go in and retrieve it at some point?

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