Monday 26 January 2009
The BMW GS Club International Eastern meeting 2009
This year the BMW GS Club Netherlands hosts the internationnal GS Eastern Meeting from Friday April 10th 2009 until Monday April 13th.

These meetings are always very popular with many international visitors coming from the Scandinavian countries, the UK, Germany, Belgium, France, Poland etc. Let's hope this year's event will be sunny and dry!

As soon as the programme is ready I'll report some more on it. In the mean time don't forhet to visit the GS Club Netherlands website here (in Dutch)

This weekend will take place from Friday April 10th 2009 until Monday April 13th. Knowing the GS Club the programme will be challenging and rewarding so don't miss it!
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Unstoppable GS Challenge NL 2009
The BMW GS club Netherlands has again organised the Unstoppable GS Challenge NL 2009. The event will take place on March 21 and 22, arriving on the 20th is recommended.

Participants can stay at 'camping in den Hof' in Heerlen, South Limburg, the Netherlands.

On Saturday you can participate in a 260km all road tour taking you through South Limburg and the Belgian Ardennes. It will contain several river (stream...) crossings and have some mild off road parts (about 20%.
You can of course also enjoy a hard core off road tour, taking you through the same area. Knobbies required!

On the Sunday you can do similar tours, 150km this time, with the easy version bringing you about 30% off road, the other 100% guaranteed mud.
This day ends at a quarry where you can participate in off road instructions given by experienced staff.

Information about this event here (Dutch only)
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Sunday 25 January 2009
International BMW GS Meeting 2009 in Finland
The Third International BMW GS Meeting will be held from 12 until 14 June 2009 in Koskenpää Rantapirtti, Finland.

This event will attract many fellow GS riders and you can enjoy the great Finnish scenery with top gravel roads. Registration is necessary to allow for accommodation and meal reservations. Participants will be divided into teams in advance, according to the participants’ wishes. Registration can be done through this link. The number of rooms and cottages is limited but there are plenty of camp sites.
The participants are divided into rider teams, which can ride on Saturday, either according to the provided GPS-routes or at your own convenience. There are 2 GPS routes available, one bigger- and one smaller gravel road. Knobbies will allow you to enjoy the trails even more! Beginners can also participate, just take it easy!

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Monday 19 January 2009
Where are we heading?
Well, after being live a few days there I feel overwhelmed with all the feedback, people signing in and already a lot of contributions. The library is filling up, there are already tons of outstanding images and the first few forum posts are getting there. I hope we can grow to a thriving, 3000 member HP2E community. That would be something!

Some stats:
40+ 60+ registered members
50+ 70+ brochures, manuals, etc
100+ 250+ pictures and movies

All in just 2 weeks! Great, I've already secured the maintenance manual for my own personal use shades.png
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Saturday 17 January 2009
Come in, we're open!
Building websites is fun (at least, I think so) but I have fiddled around enough the last 2 weeks, let's declare the site opened!

I hope we can make this into the best source of HP2 Enduro information on the web. Since there are many active HP2E riders out there, that shouldn't be too hard. What helps is that BMW will not produce any more of these neasts, at least not as far as we know, and that means we will need to keep our exclusive bike up and running for many years to come.

I hope can contribute to us, current and future owners.


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Thursday 15 January 2009
HP2 progress update
Friday, January 16
Everybody, hit your buttons, I believe I'm ready.
If I don't get any negative feedback I will have a green message tomorrow saying we're live!

, January 15
OK, I have been making some theme changes, you may have noticed and I will leave the site as it is now for a while so everybody can get used to it.

I may make some more subtle changes later on but that should not give any inconvenience to you. I think I will be ready for the big launch on Saturday. Thumbs crossed!

Wednesday, January 14
Again positive news. Content is finding it's way to the HP2 Info menu at the top of the page. Addition 11:30PM: 21 brochures and articles added!
I wouldn't mind getting some feedback, additionas and corrections!

Sunday, January 11
I'm making good progress now with forums and galleries implemented and almost as I want them.
There are still a few glitches but I should be able to move from 'development' to 'test' in a couple of days.

Watch this space and let me know whatever feedback you have!
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