Thursday 02 April 2009
Exclusive Unstoppable video footage with great HP2 Enduro action
A friend of mine (working at Yamaha...) added a few vids together and added a soundtrack. The result shows how BMW successfully targets a new audiance with exciting machines in familiar. but not always, lets say, 'street legal' situations.

Some shots apparently have not been shown before (I couldn't find some of them on youtube anyway). He used a cam to tape them from a few monitors at a BMW stand at some event.

Check out the HP2 footage.

Enjoy Unstoppable!
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Wednesday 01 April 2009
Tid-bit about engine vibrations
Fragment from an article about engine vibrations.

Precisely this is why the engine of the R 1200 GS is the first power unit in the history of the Boxer engine to feature a balance shaft: Running in the opposite direction, the shaft carries two balance weights 180° apart from one another and exactly spaced out in size to provide a counter-force which, superimposed on the mass forces in the crankshaft, reduces vibrations to an absolute minimum.

This keeps running conditions smooth and comfortable throughout the entire speed range, vibrations even being dampened in particular at low engine speeds without the flat-twin losing its bullish character.
The balance shaft itself is arranged exactly where it should be, saving space through its intelligent and elegant concept:

Running in anti-friction bearings, the balance shaft is positioned within the counter shaft and is driven by a spur gear from the crankshaft (1:1 transmission ratio).
The rear balance weight is outside of the oil cavity and is bolted on to the shaft extending completely from one end to the other. The front balance weight, in turn, is integrated in the drive sprocket.
Like on the former engine, the counter shaft again serves to drive the oil pumps and carries the sprockets driving the camshaft.
The transmission ratio of the counter shaft versus the crankshaft is therefore 2:1, the counter shaft itself being driven by a roller chain.

The HP2 benefits from not having a counter shaft. The engine revs much quicker and thus accelerates faster than the GS.
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Wednesday 25 March 2009
Unstoppable GS Challenge 2009
Last weekend, 20, 21, 22 March 2009, the Dutch GS club had their GS ralley in the south of Holland. Conditions couldn't have been better. Weather was perfect, roads and trails were in excellent condition (but too easy for the die-hard enduro riders). All in all I'm looking back at the perfect weekend!

Check out some of the pics here
The full thread covering the event at the GS Forum

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Monday 16 March 2009
I'll throw in a bonus if we hit it
We're almost at a hundred users so come on HP2 Enduro owner, register and collect your bonus!

Just following that line of thought, there are still 2500+ HP2 Enduro's out there. How do we find them? And how can we make them interested in this site? Maybe posting this link in other forums helps and I cannot do that alone. So please help and spread the word. We can achieve much more as far as HP2 specific info exchange, riding together and so on is concerned.

This guy for example, who is he, where does he ride, can we go there too?

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Monday 02 February 2009
Heroes Legend 2009
October 24 till November 8 2009, 4th edition of the Heroes Legend off road rally to Dakar

14th of June, opening of registration (preferential entry fee)
September /March: preparation of the itinerary
22-23 Oct : Technical checks in the south of France
22 Oct : Start at the Eiffel Tower-Paris (optional)
24 Oct : Official start
7 Nov : last stage and arrival at the Pink Lake in Dakar, Prize giving ceremony
8 Nov  : loading of vehicle at the harbor of Dakar

6500km in total, crossing 5 countries, France, Spain, Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal.

Finish at the Lac Rose in Dakar where the story of the Dakar rally is written for 30 years.

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Sunday 01 February 2009
BMW G 450 X and José Manuel Pellicer win the Africa Race rally
Spanish BMW rider José Manuel Pellicer has won the 'Africa Race' rally on a G 450 X sport enduro.

José battled through Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal on a modified 450cc BMW to win the race that closely followed the old Dakar Rally route across approximately 7,500 kilometres of north African terrain. The race started in Marseille on 28 December and finished on 11 January in Senegal.

Despite the toughness of the opening trails, as well as having to lead the navigation though the African wilderness, José Manuel Pellicer's professionalism and outstanding riding ability shone through, as did the flawless performance of his BMW G 450 X. His excellent result was the first time that a 450cc motorcycle has won a rally raid in Africa, and what's even more remarkable is that his G 450 X BMW didn't even need a single part replacing throughout the rally's duration. All that was required was an oil change and filter cleaning.

Full article here
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