May solo trip

 blackSP    06 May : 14:19
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I went on a too short 2 day solo trip, not too far from home, some 250kms.

I went on a too short 2 day solo trip, not too far from home, some 250kms.
It was quite sunny but cold at around 10 degrees centigrade. Too cold for may considering that only a week ago it was 25 degrees! I left on Tuesday morning, right after a trip to a local bike store as I had a flat front tire! An inner tube fixed that...

Tuesday evening I found a great spot just where a big forest ended. Wednesday morning I woke up with a drizzle and 0 degrees c! What a bummer. My wife confirmed the weather was going to detoriate the next day so I decided to  make the best of it for the day and had home in the evening. Which I did.

The wednesday itself turned out to be a great day with sunny spells, nice forest roads, just as I planned it!

I've attached a few previews, the full report is here

For some reason or another I always end up going solo. Not that I mind, actually I love a bit of piece and quite, but sharing your experiences is with another rider is great. Anyway, here are the pics. If you feel like joining later in the year let me know. I'm not worried about when.

During this trip:
- a small river with lots of otters. I saw 3 pairs!
- many, many deer
- badger
- 1 eagle
- great forests without foresters... (Actually I saw nobody at all the whole 2 days!)

Good start, right across the NL border

Nice single track, which had a fallen tree blocking my path. Took me 10 minutes to het it out of the way!

The otter stream

Took this pic from my camp site spot.

Down the fire lane. See my tent up there?

This turned out to be a wildlife area so I went back to  not disturb the eagles that were nesting there. Somewhere...

Yes, a real hill climb smile

And another tree blocking my path. Not too many people come here for sure. This going to be my campsite on my next trip!

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