Spam, HP2 owners and lurkers

 blackSP    05 Jan : 09:57
 None    News is occasionally being spammed, no longer by bots but real people. is occasionally being spammed, no longer by bots but real people. I have noticed a bunch of Russian texts that refer to financial deals of some sort. I have subsequently deleted all suspect users with a .ru email address. Plus a few more.

If I have deleted you and you were a real user I apologize. Please send me mail in that case so I won't do that again. I will tighten the rules a bit to avoid bad things from happening to the site.

From now on I will ask everybody registering to provide a real name plus (if you own a HP2) the vehicle registration info and to post a 'hello' message on the forum. If you have not provided a real name during the registration process I kindly ask you to do that now. Here's the link:

To keep track of who is who, here are all HP2 owners. Quite a few but should be much more smile

blackSP Tom silbertanne xabi007
GO tycho DUSTRAISER Le african
EDV HP2Rancho HP2Sascha Blue Monster
paulblez Dries 3glav runeo
ikser philgunn matteo izzug
ChucktownHP2 HP2 Mike Lidman outback rider
alfaris clutch Sniffy Lofoten
yamoon Tak HP2 KENOBE Macwoody
katoche mlsumner JUDEC HP2Guy
JimmyTheHog Peter Tabasco northernryder
space Warthog Compositeboy jaroner
Duch ACK HP2 larrluck kaja
Els Mower Bleij
hp2er RSJ WarthogARJ
HP02 oldfool Joerg

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