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Google now reports my site as clean. It will take a few days before this status is cascaded throughout the web. If you still get the ' is a bad site' warning you can safely ignore it, there is no malware on this site.

May 12, 2011
Malware Google has not detected any malware on this site.


Somebody decided that is a malicious site that will harm you computer.

Thanks you for that, Google has therefore put us on the 'most wanted list' and it is now my job to proof that we are just a harmless community of HP2Enduro enthusiasts.

I will try to do so, in the mean time, rest assured that there is absolutely nothing on this site that is harmful. Well you could be tempted to do funny stuff with your bike but that's your decision then wink

Anyway, I have checked all code, files, zips, everythin, even the database of and found no suspicious code whatsoever. Could be that Google f#cked up cause I ran multiple checks and they're all good! See for yourself below...

Safety scan results:
--------- LINK SCAN SUMMARY ---------
URL scanned:
PhisTank say's: Service not available.
AVG say's: Service not available.
SiteTruth say's: This site is safe.
Google Safe Browsing say's: This site is safe.
Threat Name: No Threat FOUND
Threat Definitions: 952972
Engine Version: 0.97
Host IP:
Link Status: Clean
File Size: 29.58 KB
Time Finished: 5.03 secs
Overall result: This site is secure.

web site:
status: Site verified to be secure and free of malware.
web trust:   Site not blacklisted.

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