Planning a 5 week trip with lots of off-road in 2011

 blackSP    30 Jan : 22:11
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I'm thinking about a seriously long (offroad) trip more and more often.

I'm thinking about a seriously long (offroad) trip more and more often. What I would really like is a 3 month journey east, to Kazakhstan of if 3 months are too short a trip around the Black Sea. But since 3 months takes a lot of planning I want to do a 5 week trip next year to taste the adventure.

The 5 week trip could go south-east to Turkey or south to Morocco or Algeria. It is possible to ship your bike to Gibraltar by truck. Or north, Sweden and Norway which is not too far with plenty of wilderness. As I'm writing this today (Jan 30, 2010) my preference would be Turkey as it takes you through some realy great countries, coming from western Europe.

It would be great if there are others with similar ideas, I would love to do this kind of adventure with a few similar minds!  If you're interested or are planning something like this yourself, let me know, it would be great to start planning and dreaming. I know I am, staring at Google Maps/Earth at least twice a week!

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