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Wanted Wunderlich headlight cowling
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Fri Sep 01 2017, 02:30pm
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If any one has one or knows where to find one or another brand etc

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Fri Sep 01 2017, 06:46pm
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Jason at ADVMotorrad used to offer a carbon fiber replacement. Try to reach out to him to see if he will make another production run. I got one and it works great.

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Sat Sep 02 2017, 12:04pm
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You'll need the mounting brackets as well. I got one of the last batch from Jason very nice unit. The only other acceptable little windscreen I've ever seen was a DART wind screen for a british bike adapted to an HP2. It was profiled on a bike on advrider. To me these bikes shouldn't have anything on them pretty much. I tried the ADVMotorrad screen on this years road trip and took it off right after the trip.

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Sun Sep 03 2017, 11:38pm
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I think I have an extra Wunderlich type screen that is made of plastic. I have one on my GRAVEL HP2 and I fabbed up some brackets that would fit with my Touratech windscreen. I really like the looks of it and it give me a place to put rallye registration stickers.

Other options:
I used a Dart windscreen off of a Triumph when I first got GRAVEL HP2.

I just made a new windscreen for my DIRT HP2 out of a windscreen from a Honda TLR200 trails bike.

I agree with OLDFOOL that these bikes are best left open in the front if you are doing more open trails. However, I have found that a little windscreen keeps sticks and brush out in tighter trails. I have had small branches jam under the light and speedo and worry about the wires be exposed.

I will look for pics of the windscreens I have tried and see if I can locate the Wunderlich plastic one.

Do you have the brackets for it?

Sno Dawg

[ Edited Mon Sep 04 2017, 12:03am ]
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Sun Sep 03 2017, 11:45pm
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Top two pics - Dart windscreen off of a Triumph -
Easy to mount because the light is the same size.
* Please do not comment on how worn these tires are. It was the end of the season and the bike was getting needed maintenance and new tires!!

Click on pics for larger view

Bottom 2 pics
Wunderlich replica made out of plastic:
I wanted protection for the light because met guys I rid with like to throw gravel up and so I mounted the Wunderlich replica screen back and drilled holes in it so the light protection mounting went trough the screen. I got rubber grommets so that the screen was not taking the vibration of the bike and reinforced the back of the screen with a price of sheet metal.


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Sun Sep 03 2017, 11:48pm
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Honda Reflex TLR200 - windscreen:
I like it on this dirt bike, but it need to be mounted a bit higher. I put it low because I have mounted many windscreens on my off road/rally bikes and when there is a space between the screen and the light, they reflect light off of the inside of the screen and in to my eyes. I had the screen in my bike shed from an old trials bike I sold, and after some cleaning, removing of stickers and a lot of trimming, I mounted it. I was going to paint it gray to match the plastics, but noticed that it was the same color as the hand guards - plus I got lazy and wanted to go riding!!!!!

Click on pics for larger view.

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Fri Sep 08 2017, 04:01am
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I have a Wunderlich windscreen. Very nice unit indeed.

[ Edited Mon Sep 11 2017, 03:28pm ]
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