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opinions on what went wrong
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Sat Apr 18 2009, 12:06am
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Here's an sequence of photos from a jump gone wrong.

The stills are here:

What are your opinions on what could have been done to prevent this?

As far as I can tell, the important aspect of the sequence is that he's jumping the bike just before a left-hand turn on the road. He lands nose-first. It looks like his front shocks are a bit on the soft side. He's turning left to stay on the road, but turning a bit too hard. This results in an head-shake during an endo on a loose surface...
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Sat Apr 18 2009, 04:09pm
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I've looked at them a while back trying to figure it out. You maybe right about the left-hand turn but it's a bit further down. I think that maybe he landed front wheel first on that little bumb, you see it in the first few frames. And than probably the front wheel just lost grip? I don't know really. I was doing some jumping myself today (small ones..), being very careful... That bike's wrecked, that's for sure!
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Sun Apr 19 2009, 09:23am
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Mistake # 1: landed front wheel first
Mistake # 2: front wheel not straight
Mistake # 4: rider weight not far enough back
Mistake # 3: probably touched front brake ...
Mistake # 5: saw his proverbial butt!
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Sun Apr 19 2009, 02:28pm
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It seems a very unfortunate sequence of events to me. First of all this (little) jump is not straight. The back is on the left side of the front wheel, but is is not too bad and can be adjusted while landing on the rear wheel. Secondly, he lands on the front wheel, which is in my opinion not recommended en hard to adjust. Because of this front wheel landing his speeds is decreasing on his front wheel, but the driver and the rear wheel maintain the same speed.Therfore, his weight is moving forwards and the back wheel of the bike wants to pass the front wheel. As the rear wheel was at the left side for a tiny bit, it will now swing more to the left side and eventually follow the direction of the mass of the driver, giving him a "high sider" to the right.
Just my two pennies...
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Mon Apr 20 2009, 03:40pm
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First, my opinion is totally theoretical - nearly all of my jumps have been accidental!


Looks like was coming off the power, rather than on it
Weight too far forward, particularly as the bike tries to slow down
Quite possible he touched the front brake...

In terms of fixing it - doing the reverse: Stay on the power, get the weight back and let the bike roll through it.

Surprised no-one else has pointed out the rider losing his boot!!
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Tue Apr 28 2009, 11:59am
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I'll bite.

looking frame by frame:
2nd frame - front wheel just touching down, rider still looking ahead, body a little high and forward, but no problem
3rd frame - rider looks down, body forward, front brake is squeezed, front tire starts to skid, bike is starting to swing around the pivot point ( headset) because of front brake
4th frame: rider has already decided to abandon the bike

This wasn't a bad jump until the rider looked down and hit the front brake. Body follows the head, rider was looking at his front wheel, instead of the horizon.
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Tue Apr 28 2009, 07:32pm
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I did a bit of dirt riding last Sunday and observed a few people who fell off. All of them were looking at where there front wheel was going. Curves or straights make now difference so it appears that the few meters in front of you are a true crash magnet whenever you decide to look at it.

But I'm no expert, not even close, so I could be wrong.
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Sun May 10 2009, 12:09pm
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Rear shock set too hard and improper weight distribution!
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Sun May 17 2009, 09:31am
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just looks like he was off the power when he jumped. then as he landed his body weight goes to far forward (hes looks a big guys) as he is not gripping with his knees and over the handle bars he goes...
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Thu Jan 25 2018, 03:02pm
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reviving an old thread/discussion:

This was a really interesting discussion 9 years ago. The endo is not a pleasant thing to watch nor is the cartwheeling HP2.

Sno Dawg
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Fri Jan 26 2018, 02:30am
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At least he was riding having fun. How do your boots fly off? I don't think that has ever happened to me.
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Fri Jan 26 2018, 04:00am
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oldfool wrote ...

At least he was riding having fun. How do your boots fly off? I don't think that has ever happened to me.

I think your foot has to rotate backwards. I saw a video of the medics on the Isle of Man ran and they said it led to "degloving" of the leg.

This kind of makes me want to slow down on my HP2 going over small rises on the trail!

Sno Dawg
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Fri Jan 26 2018, 06:39am
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What can we glean from the photos in terms of the bike? Aside from the saddle frame portion what else do you think was critically damaged?
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