In June HP2 was hacked again but after numerous counter measures we're finally safe!
Just like back in May, was attacked and references to other malicious sites were placed somewhere in the site or the database the site is running on. I have fixed this by restoring a backup of June 23.

UPDATE: I have also taken addiotnal measures and removed some parts of the site that were vulnerable. Additionally I have increased the security level of the site to level 8 which is the highst level I can apply withou compromising usability. You should not see any side effects but if you do, please let me know.

This means that everything posted since
is no longer in the system and all users that came aboard are also not there anymore.

If you are effected by this please post or sign-up again!

The reason for this issue is that the software I have build with,
e107, v0.7.2.5, has a critical security vulnerability that allows spammers or bots to inject references to malicious sites into our site. This in itself is NOT harmful but visiting those sites might be. Always be careful when you enter unknown sites! Btw, I have not found any links or referals to these sites so where Google digs them up, who knows!

I expect now to clean and will report this back to Google.
Until Google confirms is OK you may get a ' is a reported (attack) site' message. I think you can safely ignore this.

UPDATE: Google has confirmed the site is clean, no issues found.

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    Today HP2 was hacked again but it is, again, fixed
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    Hi Rob, Sophos Protection alarmed me as well and now it is clean. So you were definitely hacked in one way or the other. About a year ago I had a simular problem; the database was hacked and partially erased. Keep installing the latest updates of the software. Regards Marcel
    Qua Patet Orbis
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