The Wrist
I had a little accident on the 12th of September 2009 in Germany, just across the Dutch border, which resulted in some HP2 damage. But more importantly some serious inconvenient damage to my left wrist.

I broke it in 4 places, was hospitalized in Rheine and a titanium plate was inserted only 4 hours after the event.

The following photo's further on in the article will show you how a broken wrist heals over time!

Update November 30: I've started climbing again and guess what?On my second day (yesterday) I already did a 6a. For those of you that don't know what a 6a is: try it smile

Update December 26 2009: Getting there!

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  • LAN_THEME_5 northernryder LAN_THEME_6 26 Nov : 04:51
    The Wrist
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    looking at the bright side....if it happened here in canada you would have been lucky just to see a doctor in 4 hours.......
    i fly planes for a living only because nobody pays me to ride bikes!!

  • LAN_THEME_5 RoLoo LAN_THEME_6 19 Nov : 20:34
    The Wrist
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    ...and because it's titanium ; it almost doesn't add weight... wink
    Have a nice day !
  • LAN_THEME_5 blackSP LAN_THEME_6 23 Oct : 13:54
    The Wrist
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    The plate is titanium and can stay in unless it starts to bother me. I opt for keeping it cause it increases my value plus I don't want another 3 month recovery...
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  • LAN_THEME_5 Tak LAN_THEME_6 18 Oct : 21:30
    The Wrist
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    Does the plate stay in or are they going to go in and retrieve it at some point?

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