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Commercial postings on the HP2 forums are not welcome and will be removed.

Reason being a few commercial spam attempts, spam bots trying to log in to post messages as well as a few folks posting on the forum for their own commercial benefit. These postings will from now on be deleted.

Members can of course sell or trade their own bike related goods.
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  • LAN_THEME_5 lonewolf LAN_THEME_6 23 Sep : 22:06
    fisfire/ surging / clutch
    Registered: 01 Jan : 00:00
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    hi guys iam new to the world of the hp2.
    love it, never had a beemer, wanted one of these for years. It will be used on the road mostly. with the annual trip to morrocco. any way enough waffle. The bike has done 2700 miles. it seems to have a knock when the clutch is pulled in and out while changing gear or just standing pulling the clutch, it does not sound like a new bike. do they all sound like this.Lastley while in traffic the bike surges and missfires, is this because it iis highly tuned and needs to be hammered. Please put my mind at rest and say its ok. . cheers lonewolf

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